19 September 2007

Join us at the Storque...

Hey everyone! We here at the Etsy Labs are super excited to announce the Launch of the Storque, Etsy's new and eagerly awaited e-zine! (Which is really just a fancy way of saying super-duper blog.) We're excited about our latest feature, and we hope that you will be, too.

From now on, you can find us and all our tips, how-to's, advice, events, musings, and ramblings over there! There is so much good Etsy content on the Storque for you to read and be in the know...and if you are specifically interested in only what we here in the Labs are writing about, just click on our featured column: Etsy Labs.

Come on and join us, we can't wait to hob nob with you in the Storque!

As always, you can help support Etsy and promote the site with Etsy Merch:

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18 September 2007

Texas Does New York

The Texas street team is coming out this month to sell their wares and teach us how to square dance! (Even though its more than probably that none of them actually know how to square dance. But we here at the Labs are intent on square dancing this month!)

If you're in the neighborhood come on by EtsyLabs (325 Gold St., Brooklyn, NY) for some fresh Texas goods! Friday Sept. 28 from 6pm-8pm and Saturday Sept. 29 from 1pm-9pm. The Texas Street Team is giving away door prizes and representing over 40 Etsy sellers from Texas!

Sellers you already know and love like:

katinkapinka.etsy.com narchi.etsy.com muttsywonder.etsy.com

We know a lot of you can't make it but might like to join in our excitement so we're holding a little giveaway. Check out the forum post to see how you can win a big bag of Etsy junk merch!

14 September 2007

Spins & Needles Party * Fri 9/14

Spins & Needles is a Canadian group that travels about hosting parties that are a combo of crafting and dj-ed music. On Friday, September 14, they're coming to Etsy Labs, and the party will be on! Bring your own project, or craft along with the projects that we'll have here (DIY plush monsters, fused glass beads, and more). The fun starts at 8PM and goes to whenever...

Please rsvp@etsy.com if you think you wanna come so we can get a headcount. There will be a $5 cover which gets yer beer & crafting supplies. See you then!
21+, por favor

Paper Night!

If you missed last Monday Craft Night you missed out on Doritos, KitKats and good old crafting fun. Don't miss this Monday's paper themed night! We'll be doing Origami, Gocco, as well as anything else you like whether its paper or paperless activities. Should I bring my Wii and we can play Paper Mario or you can take turns trying to beat me at Wii Tennis? If you can I'll give you a big bag of Etsy goods! Do not miss it.

Hot Tip of the Day: Resizing your photos the easy way!

Ever wondered how some sellers always seem to have their images perfectly sized and cropped to make the perfect looking thumbnail?

You want the secret? Well, search no further and check out this great little video tutorial I found on YouTube all about how to resize your photos!

Resizing your photos can also be useful for emailing your photos. Keep in mind, to get that perfect looking thumbnail in your Etsy shop, crop your photo into a perfect square just the way you like it...that way, your image will show up just as you planned!

13 September 2007

Tip of the Day: Putting Etsy Mini on your Myspace Page

1. Log into your Etsy account.
2. On the far left you'll find 'Etsy Mini' go there.
3. Choose whether you'd like to display items you are selling in your shop or items you have hearted. Then choose thumbnails or the larger gallery views and how many columns and rows you want to display.
4. Now at the bottom of the page you'll see the code generated for Flash - highlight the code and right click to "copy".
5. Log into Myspace and edit your profile. Click into any catagory you want your Etsy Mini to appear. Right click and paste. Now save.
6. Voila! Etsy Mini on your Myspace page.

11 September 2007

Online Video tutorial tomorrow, be there!

Join me this Wednesday, September 12th, at 3pm EST for super simple tutorial all about making boxes from your recycled papers! All you need is two pieces of paper, a pen or pencil, and a pair of scissors and you're ready!

Meet me in the workshop room with your supplies at 3pm sharp and we'll begin!

These boxes are good for so many things including:

  • quick and simple storage
  • organization
  • pretty packaging
  • gift giving
  • get creative...we know you can!

Don't have time to make it to the online workshop? Follow these step by step directions with the photos in our previous tutorial featured in the Labs blog.

See you there!