01 August 2007

Your art on our walls!

Labs Wall Project: August 1st
(click photo to see individual artist names)
Well guys, here it is in all of its glory!! The official Labs wall project as of August 1st, 2007 graced with 37 submissions of your work! If you don't see your entry on the wall it's only because we haven't received it yet...we put up everything you all sent our way!

Please read the original idea and story behind this project on the Etsy blog here. For close up shots of single works, check out the awesome flickr pool especially for the Labs Wall Project here.

As you can see, we only managed to fill up one side of our massive empty wall, so we are officially making the Etsy Labs Wall Project an ongoing venture! Feel free to continue to send in your work under the original guidelines and we will continue to put it on our wall!

Thanks guys for helping to come up with such a wonderful project and making it happen...it's like all of you are here with us everyday!


EGA said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Lis said...

Very cool! I love the etch a sketch. Are you still accepting submissions? (PS - sorry for the above comment - I was logged into the Etsy Glass Artists analytics account and didn't realize it).

Mary Andrews said...

Hey Lis and everyone! Yes we are still accepting submissions so keep em coming! I will try to give a monthly picture update on the progress of the Labs wall!

Unknown said...

Hey all,
Didn't see the original post, so I am sending off my fiber art postcard today...I also submitted a picture to be added to the flikr album!

Aimée Wheaton said...

where is the address to send to?

Anonymous said...

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